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Police History

New Hope Police Department- Established 1955

Old New Hope Police PatchOld New Hope Police PatchOld New Hope Police Patch

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Police Chief History

Chief Alvin McLean- Served 1957-1969
Chief Jack Morse- Served 1969-1976
Chief Colin Kastanos- Served 1976-1998
Chief Gary Link- Served 1999-2011
Chief Timothy Fournier- Served 2011-2020
Chief Tim Hoyt- Serving 2020 - present

K9 History

K9 Satan
K9 Satan and Sergeant Campbell- Served 1959-1969

K9 Sampson
K9 Sampson and Officer Mitchell- Served 1972-1976

K9 Joe
K9 Joe and Officer Mitchell- Served 1985-1993

K9 Duke
K9 Duke and Officer Hazzard- Served 1991-1994

K9 Falco
K9 Falco and Officer Hazzard- Served 1994-2000

K9 Alex
K9 Alex and Officer Lamers- Served 1995-2001

K9 Baron
K9 Baron-Monto and Officer Lamers- Served 2001-2007

K9 Murphy
K9 Murphy and Officer Black- Served 1998

K9 Ben
K9 Ben and Officer Black- Served 1998-2006

K9 Jack
K9 Jack and Officer Black- Served 2006-2012

K9 Gideon
K9 Gideon and Officer Lamers- Served 2007-2017 

K9 Kody
K9 Kody and Officer Robles- Served 2013-2021

K9 Dex
K9 Dex and Officer Dyer- Served 2017-2021

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